Why B & B


It's great to find low prices, but when you sacrifice quality for savings, this could result in lost customers. Lost customers equate to lost revenue. With this in mind, Bed & Brand only sells the highest quality bedding products. We start with exceptional materials and continue by providing outstanding workmanship. From impeccable fabrics to sublime stitching, the quality of our products can't be surpassed.



Sleep. We all need it. In order to get the best sleep, we need the best bedding. From our pillows to our mattress and everything in between, what we sleep on nightly helps ensure that we get the best rest. At Bed & Brand, we understand the importance of a good night's sleep, and that is why we proudly sell high quality, low cost bedding.

The bedding industry is growing exponentially. Be a part of the bedding revolution.


Most companies ship to you from China or other overseas locations. Bed & Brand is located in South Florida and we are proud to
ship out all orders from this locale.
This means no long wait times to receive your merchandise.
Most purchases are received within 5 business days.


At Bed & Brand, we are proud to offer you, our partner, the highest quality and best priced bedding products on the market.

Search around and you'll be hard-pressed to find prices that are as cost-effective as ours.


It's easy to start selling products from Bed & Brand.
Just sign-up to be a wholesaler.
Once you are registered, start ordering from the array of great bedding products.
Products are all shipped from the USA, which means you will have them in days, not weeks.


Our staff has over 30 years combined experience in the bedding industry. We are proud to share our extensive knowledge, diligent commitment, and our passion with you so that you can help people get their best sleep.


At Bed & Brand we are committed to one thing - helping people get a great night's sleep. We know that a great night's sleep begins in bed, with high quality bedding products from pillows to sheets to mattress toppers and more. We will never sacrifice quality for price.


We have one focus at Bed & Brand - to help people across the globe to get their best sleep. All of products we sell are to help people achieve this. By focusing on what we love, we ensure that you get the best products, the best prices, and the best service.