The Importance of Branding

You want your business to be recognized. Your name, your logo, and your tagline need to work together to send a consistent and cohesive message to your customers. This is what tells them who you are and what you can do for them. When some businesses start, they forget the importance of branding. Then they don’t succeed and they wonder where they went wrong. If you begin branding your company from the beginning, you can set yourself on the path to success. This might lead you to wonder, what is branding, what can it do for your company, and what is so important about it?

  • Proper branding can generate new customers - It’s not solely advertising that generates customers. It’s important to remember that not all ads run and immediately have customers rushing to purchase. Many advertisements require a lather, rinse, repeat mentality. Using branding in your lather, rinse, repeat method will, in turn, attract new customers.

  • Your advertising relies on presenting cohesive messages, which is more easily accomplished through consistent branding - You don’t want your company to deviate from one message to another, thus potentially confusing your customers. Be cohesive so that the message can be digested and retained.

  • Branding enables your customers to familiarize themselves with you and get connected to you - People often are reluctant to purchase from companies that are new to them because they want to know a company before they buy. Consistent branding helps you create this familiarity and establish a connection with your customer.

  • Branding helps you to stand out in the crowds - Let’s say that you sell t-shirts, as many companies do. What makes YOUR t-shirts better than the rest? You need to differentiate your company from the others so that you don’t get lost. Make it easy for your customers to remember and find you, instead of them looking for your company and finding someone else.

  • Proper branding helps tell others who you are and what you do - If your name has no relation to your product, you need to make sure that your customer knows what you are selling. For example, Smith & Co. could sell clothing, dinnerware, or they could even be plumbers. Branding can help you overcome such an obstacle.

  • A level of trust can be created and maintained from branding because it is like a promise that helps you create expectations for your customers - Customers have set expectations when they make a purchase, and your branding can help to establish these. Additionally, trust can be generated just in the way your company is presented to the public. Then, the  longer they get to know your company and the more they learn about you, the more they will feel that level of trust.

  • Branding can help build credibility and value - As with trust and expectations, your branding is an important tool to create credibility. Using factual information helps construct your trustworthiness and makes you appear more credible.

  • Branding can be inspiring and it can positively play on emotions - You have probably heard that most sales are not based on logical decisions. Rather, a person decides to buy based on their emotions or how they feel about a product or a company. Using your brand is a great method to inspire and it’s a device that can be relied on for results.

In summation, one might think that branding is everything. Because it is. Never underestimate the power of a good brand.

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