Listen Now, Talk Later

You have probably heard the phrase diarrhea of the mouth. You also, unfortunately, are likely to know a few salespeople who suffer from this. Who are never at a loss for words. Who believe if they stop their talking, they might die. When it comes to selling, less is more. If salespeople are taught that it’s their words that create sales, what motivation do they have to stay quiet? If you might be one of these salespeople, here are a few reasons why you should learn to listen now, talk later:

  • Clients are there for themselves, not for you - First and foremost, it’s important to understand that your client is there to make their life better or easier. They are not there because they want to ensure that you make a commission. By listening instead of talking, you can make the client feel that you are there to help them, and not simply to pad your bank account.

  • Ask, don’t tell - Customers will show more appreciation when you ask them what they are looking for first. They won’t appreciate you telling them what they need before they have expressed their requirements to you first. Give them the opportunity to explain what they want before you jump in with your sales pitch.

  • Fulfill a need - If you fail to listen to your client, you aren’t learning what they need. How can you provide a solution if you don’t first know the problem? Before starting any sales pitch, listen to your clients to find out what needs they are trying to fill. Filling a client's needs will convert more than elaborating about the bells and whistles.

  • Focus on what is important - You will need to ask probing questions in order to listen to the answers. It’s not the number of questions that you ask which is important, but that you ask the right questions. Focus on pinpointing your client’s likes and dislikes. The best way to accomplish this is through listening.

Just because you won’t be as verbal as you once were, this does not mean complete silence. Customers enjoy being greeted and welcomed. Continue greeting your customers and letting them know you are available, but do so without being overly aggressive. When it is time for you to talk to your customers, keep it simple. Remember, fill their needs with reasons why they need your product and not a description of what your product is. When you can illustrate how the product helps solve their problem, this is more likely to translate into a sale. When you can show that you really listen to them, this can translate into something even better. Return customers.

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