Babysitting Your Business

Everyone knows the importance of management when it comes to running a retail establishment. At times we may feel that when it comes to managing a business, we are babysitters for employees. As there should be, there are many similarities between the two:

  • Trust - Your children need to be left with someone that you trust. You know this person can make feasible and reliable last-minute decisions when the need arises. Should there be an emergency with your company, you need a person you can trust to make critical decisions promptly.

  • Cost - The person that watches your children needs to charge an economical, and not overinflated, fee. As a company, you understand that you get what you pay for; however, you need to find a person where the cost of the employee and the work you get in return are balanced.

  • Experience - You would not want to leave your children with a sitter who did not have any experience. Why would you want to leave your company with someone inexperienced? Though you can learn much on-the-job, there are some positions, including those in management, which require a level of expertise. The best way to be an expert is from prior experience.

  • Reliable - If your babysitter failed to show up when scheduled, you would find an alternate sitter. The same goes for your management. If they are not reliable, you need to replace them. This speaks to more than just the time they clock in and out. Can you rely on them to follow through on the tasks that you give them?

  • Personable - Even if your childcare provider is trustworthy, cost-efficient, reliable, and has the necessary experience, if your children do not enjoy spending time with that person, would you still use that sitter or would you find someone else? Your management needs to have a personality that meshes with that of your company and your employees. Happy employees are most often good employees.

Finding the perfect management team for your business does not happen overnight. It is often a matter of trial and error until you find your A-Team. The time that you put in to find this ideal team will be time well-spent. Your company and your employees will be grateful for it.

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