Are You Ready For The Holidays - Part 2

In October, the question was asked, “Are you ready for the holidays?” Sooner rather than later, it’s time to ask yourself this same question. You want to ensure that, when it comes to holiday preparations for your business, you have left no stone unturned. Here are some things to double-check before the holidays go full-swing:

  • Employees - Do you have the manpower necessary to run your retail establishment or work in your warehouse? It’s not too late to hire additional holiday help, as needed. You might want to consider contacting an employment agency to find qualified personnel more quickly; however, be prepared to pay extra for this service. The time you save on interviewing and the hiring process may justify this fee, making it the best option for you and your business. Remember that new employees need training before they are thrown to the wolves. Investing the time now can help prevent issues when the store is at its busiest.

  • Hours - Are you aware of the operating hours of your brick and mortar establishment? Ensure you have enough staff working your location during shopping hours to accommodate the needs of your customers. Frustrated customers all too often do not return.

  • Products - How much stock do you currently have on-hand? Have a back-up plan to get the goods to your customers if the size/color/item they want is not on-hand when they come to your store. Entertain the idea of giving the customer an incentive to wait for you to get the item versus the customer purchasing elsewhere. Contact your vendors now and find out their holiday availability. The more available your vendors are to you, the more available you can be to your customers.

  • Theme - The theme of your location needs to match the tone of your brand, the vibe of the holidays, or preferably both. Just as curb appeal is necessary when selling a house, having a visually appealing store is also essential. The more inviting your store seems the more likely customers who are passing by will be enticed to come in for a peek and, hopefully, a purchase.

Now that you've made your list and checked it twice, you and your store are ready to face the holidays. I bet you'll find you even reap some rewards.

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