8 Tips to Sell Bedding

Sleep. Everyone needs it. To get ideal sleep, it helps if you have the best bed frame, best mattress, best sheets, and best pillows. For this reason, selling bedding products - the products that are necessary for a good night’s sleep - is the place to be. As with many retail sales items, selling bedding isn’t always easy. From people’s objections to the price to their lack of knowledge of the differences between fabric types, bedding sales can be frustrating at times. If, however, you have the right tools in your arsenal, selling bedding products can be a little easier.  And with a little dedication and knowledge, you can even watch your profits soar. If you decide to sell bedding, here are eight easy tips to follow and improve your sales:

  • Cost per use/year - When selling any item, especially more expensive items such as mattresses, illustrate to your customer why they shouldn’t think of this purchase as a large lump sum. Rather, they should look at this as how much money they are investing in their sleep in terms of years. For example, if you sell them a $2,000 mattress, you can explain that the mattress should last them 10 years, which means they are only spending $200/year to get good sleep.

  • Show and tell - Don’t rely on your customer to look around by themselves and figure out the benefits of the items you sell. Encourage your customer to lay on your mattresses, to feel the material of your bedsheets, and to place their head on your pillows. While the customer experiences the items, tell him or her more about the benefits of the items.

  • Knowledge is power - Take the time to learn about the pros and cons of the items you are selling. What are the materials they are made of? How do these materials help in providing better sleep? The more you know about your products, the more questions from your customers that you will be able to answer. Customers rely on salespeople to be knowledgable. Be prepared with the answers to meet and exceed their expectations.

  • Customer needs are your needs - Find out what your customer needs, and exemplify a way to fill that need. If they aren’t sleeping well because they sweat at night, sell them bed sheets that can wick away moisture or a pillow with cooling technology. When your customer realizes you want to solve their problems, and not just sell them the most expensive item in your store, they will be more prone to purchase from you.

  • Sell the benefits, not the items - Instead of focusing on a product, try enforcing the benefits that it provides. For example, firm pillows ensure that your head does not sink too low while sleeping. Thin pillows are great for back sleepers to maintain proper alignment. Cooling pillows are perfect for those who tend to sweat or get hot while they sleep. There are a slew of benefits to sell when it comes to sleep.

  • Objections are opportunities - Along with questions, potential customers may be hesitant to purchase, and they might present you with objections to why they don’t want to buy. Be prepared to handle their objections. Don’t look at them in a negative light, but instead remember that their objections are giving you additional opportunities to make a sale.

  • Up, up, and away - Remember that you have an opportunity to upsell with every purchase. Add-on items are often a key to profits. If purchasing pillows, customers will need some great new pillowcases to go along with them. Mattresses need mattress protectors to keep their warranties from being voided. Almost all purchases have opportunities to upsell. Carpe Diem and seize the day.

  • Honesty is the best policy - Above all else, be honest with your customer. Answer questions as accurately and truthfully as you can. When you are up-front, customers will have more respect for you, and they will be more inclined to do business with you.

Using these tips, you can watch your bedding sales soar. One last, not-to-be-forgotten, tip - profit margins matter. Make sure that you purchase your bedding from a reputable and reliable wholesaler. Look at their track record to ensure that they have their customer’s best interests in mind. Take Bed & Brand, for example. We pride ourselves on being the best bedding provider out there. After all, we’re Bed & Brand. We know Bedding. We know Branding.

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